Thứ Bảy, 31 tháng 3, 2012

The Arts House (Singapore)

Living in Singapore nearly 4 months, but this is the first time I visited The Arts House. It is currently a multidisciplinary arts venue which plays host to art exhibitions and concerts. The quiet and large space make me feel there seems to be nothing here to see. However, there is one special thing will make you interesting in this place!

The almost people feels very boring or even sleepy if they just go to the museum just for watching or taking picture. There will be nothing in their mind after living this place. The owner of The Arts House has created a creative method to attract the visitors or at least me.

When I come to the House, there is a puzzle game with the winner prize is an iPad2. What is an attractive prize, right! To solve this puzzle, you need to experience all pieces of art in this house. This is the point! When you are interesting in something, you will take your time for them.

The result is we did not solve the game completely because there are so many Chinese stories that I do not understand at all. However, we did find something nice and wonderful here. Below are some nice pictures that we take.

The next time you come here, may be they are not the same as mine. Let’s try and experience yourself.