Thứ Sáu, 25 tháng 5, 2012

About Dalat eayriders (Vietnam)

Here is my experience and knowledge about Dalat easy-riders. Hope it can help those who are going to Dalat for traveling.

As I looking around, I found that many people are interested in taking an easy-riders tour when they go to Dalat for traveling. When searching on internet, I saw that many of you got the fake easy-riders, some weren't satisfied with the rider's service. Below is some experiences I had during the time I WORK as a rider.

1. There are many Riders company in Dalat. However not all of them are good. Even in a company, the level, skill of them is quite different. So if you go to Dalat and take an easy-rider tour, you'd better choose your own guide than wait for the company to arrange one for you.

2. If you are happy with the hotel that you stay, you'd better let them recommend your guide, as they will have more responsibility than a stranger you've just met. Don't worry if they have commission for introducing. NO, THEY GET NOTHING or at least most of the hotel get nothing from the rider. It's just like an additional service. They do not provide, but they make their guests happy, then the guests will leave good feedback on internet - Lonely planet => Then they will have more guests. That's how they earn from introducing easy-riders to you.

3. If you come in mid-day (from Mui Ne or Nha Trang, you will often arrive in the mid-day) and you want to have a Ride tour for the next day, you should pay some time to talk with the company and your guide to make sure that you will like that one. Most guide are very nice and have good English speaking skill, however, some of them really can't talk nor listen. All the thing they will do on the way is just... give you a ride to the place you wish to.

4. Many easy-rider have high responsibility, however some isn't. To some bad guides, after you have paid full fee for them then go, they will skip some places without any notice and you have never been there, how can you know if you miss some places? Then you can have some choice:

- Check the itinerary where will you go, take a look of that place in Dalat so you can tell them if they skip any place
- Talk with us, the native one to tell you what - where - how. Then you can hire a motorcycle to go on your own (with your map and GPS).
- Pay the booking fee and tell them that you will pay the rest after the tour => so they will try their best to satisfy you

5. The price for the Rider is almost the same among companies, however the amount of money that each guide receive is different. so if you are happy with your guide, don't forget to give them some tip. the best guide in the team doesn't mean he can receive the most money. So you tip can light up his day a lot then he will try to learn more and more to give the best tour to everybody.

*** I know a guide that each day, after knowing the next customer of the next day, he come back home and learn about the country, language, to make his customer doesn't feel strange and lonely in a foreign country

Hope my post about easy-rider can help you in choosing your Rider and having the best trip in Da Lat.

by: Madghost13. written specially for The Travel Coffee Shop Forum